The Garden of Baja

The Bajardin Project is shepherded by The Iturbe family, mostly Ramón & his daughter Raquel, who are the owners of 4,250 “free and clear” acres of pristine beautiful, virgin land with over 3 miles of beachfront facing the Bay of La Paz in Baja California Sur, Mexico. The land was an inheritance from their late grandfather General Ramon F. Iturbe whose legacy was to build a future community for CHILDREN to be raised in PEACE, LOVE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and ABUNDANCE.

The Iturbes will donate the necessary land (200-500 acres) to co create an educational park called “Parque Botánico de La Paz” (“Botanical Park of Peace”) which will become the provision center of heirloom seeds for the future organization, the “SEEDS OF BAJA”. (link)

The Iturbes will also allocate the necessary land for the smaller agricultural and aquaponic farms which will help propagate the most important and necessary plants for the harvested seeds, as well as for the food provisions to be locally consumed..

The Iturbes have allocated land  for the fulfillment of a vision the daughter Raquel has held since age 14 which in short attempts to be in time…. a holistic children’s village which will feature a world class birthing center.

BAJARDIN will be a self-sustainable green community dedicated to the CHILDREN which will feature:

  • First and foremost a community of unity ~ Come-unity~  where Love reigns and our true intent is to honor all life and kingdoms

  • A  Holistic Children’s village which intends of be a sanctuary for orphans from diverse nationalities, where children can build their own earth homes and grow all their food

  • An Ocean Birthing Center with floating domes and possible dolphin assisted births

  • An Eco Resort of nature activities on land, water and air.

  • A world class Holistic Healing Center integrated  by most of the natural healing modalities

  • A host of small bio-dynamic and permaculture  farms including aquaponics.

  • An educational botanical park combined with cetacean skeletons from the Sea of Cortez.

  • A Seed bank that will supply seeds to Mexico and to the world

  • Ongoing hands on workshops, playshops , apprenticeships as well as spiritual retreats

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